GMS Patients at The Coolock Primary Care Centre

GP Services to Medical Card Holders

General Practitioners (GPs) provide services to medical card holders, free of charge.

Patients may generally choose their doctor from a panel of doctors who are part of the scheme, provided the doctor is willing to have them as patients.

Download Medical Card Application Form (.pdf)

Choosing Your Doctor.

When applying for a medical card, you choose a doctor that is taking part in the scheme and ask the doctor to sign your application form to accept you as a patient. Contact your Local Health Office for details in your area.

If you have a medical card and you want to change your doctor, you must complete a Change of Doctor form giving details of the new doctor.

Medical cards may be issued for a limited period of time with a review date on the card. In general, that means that the HSE will look again to see if you are still entitled to a card.

Download Change of Doctor Form (.pdf)

Services Provided by GPs Under the General Medical Services (GMS) Scheme.

Doctors must treat medical card patients in the same way as they treat private patients. This means that, for example, surgery times must be the same for all patients, access to home visits must be the same etc.

Among the services that Coolock Family Practice provide for medical card holders and private patients are:

  • Doctor Consultation
  • House Calls
  • Mirena Coil Insertion and Removal
  • Implanon and Removal
  • Well Woman
  • Drivers Licence Exam
  • Prescription Renewal
  • ECG
  • Completion of Forms
  • Routine STI Screening
  • Pill Check
  • Consultation Including Bloods
  • Diabetic Patients

What If you Move?

If you move from one Local Health Office area to another you do not have to re-apply for a new GP visit card. You should contact your new Local Health Office which can give you information about GPs practising in the new area you live in.

GMS Price List

Doctor Clinic

Procedure Price
Consultation No Charge
House Calls No Charge
Mirena Coil Insertion
Surgical Instruments
No Charge
Mirena Removal
Surgical Instruments
No Charge
Surgical Instruments
No Charge
Implanon Removal
Surgical Instruments
No Charge
Well Woman No Charge
Drivers Licence Exam €55.00
Prescription Renewal No Charge
ECG No Charge
Completion of Forms €25.00
Routine STI Screening No Charge
Pill Check No Charge
Consultation - Including Bloods €25.00
DCOC Patients No Charge

Nurse Clinic

Procedure Price
Ear Syringing
Doctor Consults with Nurse
No Charge
Removal of Sutures No Charge
Nebulizer No Charge
Injections No Charge
Neocytamen No Charge
Family Planning No Charge
DEPO No Charge
Smoking Cessation No Charge
Weight Management No Charge
Blood Pressure Check No Charge
24hr BP Monitor
Refundable deposit of €80.00 required on the day
No Charge
Pregnancy Test No Charge
Smear Test No Charge
Flu Vaccine No Charge
Routine Blood Test €25.00